The Payment

Written by Ngoc Trai Nguyen (UNIS Hanoi – 14 years old)

Everyone stared at him as he casually strolled past the large white mansions dressed in the signature grey of the Cube. The young man could feel the words being spit out of their mouths, attacking him with cruelty. Poor, deposit, deprived… the list of insults went on and on. How ironic, he mused to himself, that they put the frozen wasteland right next to the luxurious compound belonging to the more, shall we say, privileged people. He, of course, did not belong there. He was headed towards the much more humble towers in the east. Tiếp tục đọc


Flowers on top of the mountains

On the way to the mountain region, I saw many unbelievably pretty forest flowers. But what I keep in my heart for good is the beauty of the teachers who are working here.

There was a wicked rumor that the teachers came up here just for a place in the government, and they would go home after a few years. I don’t believe so after seeing what they have done and what they are doing for the children. Without the love for teaching and for the children, no one can overcome the obstacles at this kind of place. Tiếp tục đọc

Seeing my old days…

In my old days, there were some times I brought my lunch box to school…

At that time, children only went to school half day. I studied in a special class and there were some full days at school for more studying. One of the reasons I loved those days was that I could bring my lunch box to class: looking like an adult going to work and having the chance to exchange and taste other kids’ food 🙂

Now, when I went to mountain region with the “Meal with Protein” group, I saw the children going to school with their lunch box in their hands. Tiếp tục đọc